About Us

The Navy Records Society was founded in 1893 by a small group of historians, naval officers, publicists and statesmen led by Professor Sir John Knox Laughton and Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge, to publish original materials on the history of the Royal Navy.


The Society has published volumes of original documents and papers almost every year since its foundation. The volumes cover all the major figures in British naval history, such as Nelson, Beatty and Cunningham, and a wide range of topics, from signals and shipbuilding to strategy and politics. In 2006 the NRS published its 150th volume.


The Society has recently augmented its traditional book publishing activities with the launch of its Online Magazine, an ever-expanding online archive of miscellaneous British naval records.

New postings to the archive are made at least once per month throughout the year. Every posting receives a detailed introduction explaining how or why the record is important and is posted alongside relevant links in the collection of the Royal Museums Greenwich and, where appropriate, relevant videos.

Members can share their knowledge and comment on every posting. The aim of Navy Records Online is to expand our knowledge as well as it is to preserve and share our naval heritage. Members of the NRS are whole-heartedly encouraged to become involved in this continuous process of research and discovery.

The online collection includes records in archives and museums as well as those in private collections which would otherwise never be seen. Navy Records Online is both a fascinating collection for those with a general interest as well as an indispensable source for students and professional scholars.