Dates Of Meetings


MEETING SCHEDULE                 2023-24



Finance, Publications & MMM Committees                    Tuesday 24th October

Council                                                                         Thursday 23rd November


Finance, Publications & MMM Committees                    Tuesday 20th February  

Finance, Publications & MMM Committees                    Wednesday 8th May

Finance, Publications & MMM Committees                    Tuesday 15th October


Council                                                                         Tuesday 12th March                              

Council & AGM                                                             Wednesday 3rd July

Council                                                                         Tuesday 12th November


Committee meetings will generally take place on-line                                                    

Council meetings in March and November will take place either on-line or face-to-face at locations to be advised (with technology suitable for staging a hybrid meeting)

Council and AGM in July will be face-to-face meetings if at all possible. They will be held either:

  • aboard HQS Wellington at Temple Stairs, Victoria Embankment, London WC2R 2PN; or
  • at the King’s College London Strand campus (London WC2R 2ND); or
  • elsewhere (with technology suitable for staging a hybrid meeting)


Timings for Committee meetings will be as follows (all GMT or BST):

1200                 Finance

1400                 Publications

1530                 MMM

Council meetings will be at 1400 in March and November. The July meeting will precede the AGM.