Rules Of The NRS


I. The aims of the Society shall be to foster and facilitate an understanding and appreciation of the country’s maritime traditions and heritage, and of the history, organization and social life of the Navy in particular.


II. Its objectives shall be:

  • to select, edit and publish using both traditional means and modern technology, documents that are relevant to these themes and appropriate to both scholars and the general reader
  • to reprint or otherwise reproduce rare or generally inaccessible works of naval interest
  • to publish or otherwise reproduce translations of similar manuscripts or works in foreign languages



III. The management of the affairs of the Society shall be vested in a Council, consisting of a President, four Vice-Presidents, one or more Secretaries, a Treasurer, and up to twenty-four ordinary members; to be elected annually by the Society at large at a General Meeting to be held on 1st June, or as soon after as may be convenient.


IV. The Council shall prepare a list of names of members proposed for the Council during the ensuing year, and such list, together with an announcement of the Annual General Meeting, shall be forwarded at least one week before its date to every member.


V. The Council may appoint such committees, with such deputed powers, as it may deem advisable.


VI. The Council shall meet when necessary for the dispatch of business, five forming a quorum.


VII. The Council shall draw up a Report on the state of affairs of the Society, to be presented at the Annual General Meeting, and to be printed and sent to every member.


VIII. The Council shall submit to the Charity Commission the annual reports and statement of accounts required by law.


Office Holders

IX. Vice-Presidents and ordinary Councillors shall normally be elected for not more than four years, and become eligible for re-election after the lapse of one year, saving that Vice-Presidents shall retire at the end of their terms onto the list of ordinary Councillors.


X. The Council may nominate a member for appointment as a permanent Honorary Vice-President, honoris causa. Such a nomination must be submitted to the next Annual General Meeting for ratification.


XI. If in the interval between any two General Meetings the office of President, Vice- President, Secretary or Treasurer become vacant by death, resignation or otherwise, the Council shall have the power to appoint one of their own members to fill such office until the next General Meeting.


XII. The Council may elect one or more Honorary Corresponding Members to represent the Society overseas.



XIII. The Council shall have control of the funds of the Society; is authorized to sanction such disbursements as it may deem advisable for furthering the objects of the Society; will ensure the maintenance of appropriate accountancy records; will decide a policy on reserves; and keep all risks under review.


XIV. The Council may delegate day to day control of the Society’s investments to the Financial Committee, consisting of the Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary for the time being in office. The Financial Committee shall recommend a policy on the maintenance of reserves, and will be authorized to invest in any investments for the time being permitted by law.


XV. Subject to the foregoing, and with due regard to the objects of the Society and the Statement of Recommended Practice of the Charity Commission, the Financial Committee shall be charged with full power to make such changes in, additions to, and realizations of the Society’s investments as it shall from time to time consider advisable.


XVI. The Society’s accounts shall be audited each year by an independent examiner:

  • who is reasonably believed by the trustees to have the requisite ability and practical experience to carry out a competent examination of the accounts.


XVII. If the office of independent auditor shall become vacant the President shall, at his discretion, appoint someone not on the Council to fill the office.



XVIII. Any person desirous of becoming a member of the Society, and applying to the Secretary, may be admitted, subject to the approval of Council.


XIX. Each member of the Society shall pay a yearly subscription, due on admission and on 1st January each succeeding year.


XX. Each member shall be entitled to receive a copy of any publication issued by the Society in any year in which his / her subscription is paid and up to date.


XXI. Any member who shall intimate to the Council his / her desire to withdraw from the Society, or who shall not pay his / her subscription for the current year within four months after it has become due, shall thereupon cease to be a member of the Society.


XXII. The Society may participate in the direct debiting scheme as an originator for the purpose of collecting subscriptions or other monies due to the Society. To this end the Society may give any indemnity required by the banks upon whom direct debits are to be originated. Such an indemnity may be exercised on behalf of the             Society by officers nominated in an appropriate resolution.


XXIII. All editing shall be subject to the approval of the Council.The editor of any work published by the Society shall receive six copies of such work free of charge. Editors of Miscellany volumes will receive six copies, and editors of Miscellany articles one copy.  Members or others willing to undertake the editing of any work, or wishing to recommend any work for publication, are requested to communicate with the Secretary.


XXIV. The Council shall determine what numbers of copies of each work shall be printed, and the copies in excess of those required by the members may be sold in such manner and at such prices as shall be fixed by the Council, the proceeds being carried to the account of the Society.


XXV. No alteration shall be made to these rules except at a General Meeting, nor then unless one month’s notice of an alteration intended to be proposed shall have been given in writing to the Secretary, who shall send it to every member at least one week before the meeting.

The Navy Records Society