Brian Lavery

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Brian Lavery was born on 18 July 1945 in Scotland. After graduating he worked first as a teacher, then in the printing industry, before fulfilling his interest in maritime heritage as an author, consultant and curator. He worked at the Chatham Historic Dockyard on the Wooden Walls exhibition and for 14 years at the National Maritime Museum where he developed the modern collecting policy, working on such exhibitions as Seapower and All Hands. He was historical consultant to Peter Weir’s film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. He was awarded the Desmond Wettern Maritime Media Award in 2007, and in 2008 the Society for Nautical Research’s Anderson Medal.

His publications include
• Shipboard Life and Organisation, 1731 – 1815 (Navy Records Society, 1999).
• Royal Tars of Old England: The Lower Deck of the Royal Navy, 875 – 1850 (Conway, 2010).
• Empire of the Seas (Conway, 2009).
• In Which They Served: The Royal Navy Officer Experience in the Second World War (Conway 2008).
• Shield of Empire: The Royal Navy in Scotland (Birlinn, 2007).
• Churchill’s Navy: The Ships, Men and Organisation (Conway, 2006).
• Hostilities Only: Training the Wartime Navy (National Maritime Museum, 2005).
• Nelson’s Fleet at Trafalgar (National Maritime Museum, 2004).
• The Line of Battle: Sailing Warships, 1650 – 1840 (Conway, 2004).
• Jack Aubrey Commands: An Historical Companion to the Naval World of Patrick O’Brien (Conway, 2003).

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