Brian Tunstall

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William Cuthbert Brian Tunstall (1900-70) served as lecturer in English at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, and from 1932 to 1937 as the fourth secretary of the Navy Records Society. During World War II, he served as naval correspondent for the BBC’s European services. Subsequently, he lectured at the London School of Economics and at the Royal Military College of Canada. In addition to his distinguished work as a naval historian, Tunstall was a rowing coach of some distinction. A member of one of his crews recalled that ‘during breaks in his coaching [‘Tunny’] would regale us with stories about the signal flags used at the Battle of Trafalgar. A great coach, and a grand character.’

Publications include:

• Admiral Byng and the Loss of Minorca (1925)
• The Realities of Naval History (1936)
• Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail (posthumously, 1990, edited by Nicholas Tracy)

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