Geoffrey Till

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Geoffrey Till was born in London on 14 January 1945 the son of an RAF pilot. He studied at King͛s
College, London, receiving his BA in 1966, completing his MA in 1968 and PhD in 1976 in the War
Studies department there. He taught at BRNC, Dartmouth and City University London, and in 1983
was appointed as a visiting lecturer to King͛s College, London. In 1989 he was appointed professor of
history at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, also teaching at the Open University. He held a NATO
Defence Fellowship, was a visiting scholar at the United States Naval Postgraduate School,
Monterey, and in 1989 held the Foundation Chair in Military Affairs at the United States Marine
Corps University, Quantico. When the RNC, Greenwich, closed he moved to the Joint Services
Command and Staff College, where he served as Dean of Academic Studies, a position he held
concurrently with his KCL chair, and head of the Department of Defence Studies, until 2006 when he
became a Fellow of KCL.
He has been Reviews Editor for The Journal of Strategic Studies since 1978, and General Editor of
Brassey’s Seapower: Naval Vessels, Weapon Systems and Technology since 1987, and general editor
of the Frank Cass series on naval policy and history.
His publications include

Air Power and the Royal Navy, 1914 – 1945: a historical survey (Macdonald & Jane, 1979).

Maritime Strategy and the Nuclear Age (Macmillan, 1984).

The Sea in Soviet Strategy (Macmillan, 1983).

British Naval Documents 1204 – 1960 (Navy Records Society, 1993).

Sea Power: theory and practice (Frank Cass, 1994).

Amphibious Operations: A Collection of Papers (Camberley, 1997).

Seapower at the Millennium (Sutton, 2001).

The Development of British Naval Thinking: Essays in honour of Bryan Ranft (Routledge,

The Rise of Naval Power in Asia-Pacific (Routledge, 2012).

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