Jon Sumida

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Jon Sumida is a modern historian who has specialised in the technical underpinnings of the Great
War at sea. He catalogued the papers of and frustrations of Arthur Hungerford Pollen who tried to
supply the Royal Navy with a modern fire control system. This was followed by a seminal work on
studying the Royal Navy͛s purchase of the Dreyer fire control systems, rather than Pollen͛s. He is an
Associate Professor at the University of Maryland.
He has received fellowships from the Woodrow Wilson Centre, the Guggenheim Foundation and
Churchill College Cambridge. He was Distinguished Visiting Professor at the US National War College,
program chair of the Society for Military History Annual Meeting 2004, Major General Matthew C
Horner Chair of Military Theory at the US Marine Corps University 2004-6. He is visiting lecturer at
the US Marine Corps School of Advanced Warfighting, Quantico, and Professor of History at the
University of Maryland.
His publications include

The Pollen Papers (Navy Records Society, 1984)

In Defence of Naval Supremacy: Finance, Technology and British Naval Policy, 1889-1914
(Unwin Hyman, 1989)

Inventing Grand Strategy and Teaching Command: The Classic Works of Alfred Thayer
Mahan Reconsidered (John Hopkins University Press, 1997).

Decoding Clausewitz: A New Approach to On War (University Press of Kansas, 2008)

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