Matthew Seligmann

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Matthew Seligmann was born and educated in London, and read History at Edinburgh University. He obtained his MA from Pennsylvania University and his PhD at Sussex University, studying under Professor John Röhl. He specialises on Anglo-German relations and the causes of war. He taught for many years at the University of Northampton and from 2012 at Brunel University, initially as a reader, and from 2015 as a Professor.

His publications include

  • Spies in Uniform: British Military and Naval Intelligence on the Eve of the First World War (2006).
  • Naval Intelligence from Berlin (Navy Records Society, 2007).
  • The Royal Navy and the German Threat, 1901-1914: Admiralty Plans to protect British Trade in a War against Germany (2012).
  • The Route to the Abyss (Navy Records Society, 2014)
  • Military Intelligence from Berlin (Army Records Society, 2014).

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