Philip MacDougall

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Philip MacDougall, a former lecturer in economic history at the University of Kent, is a founder member of the Navy Dockyards Society, editor of the Society’s Transactions, and the author or editor of a number of books on maritime history. He specialises in the history of north Kent and the Chichester area, as well as in the history of both British and foreign dockyards.

Publications include:

• The Chatham Dockyard Story (1981)
• Royal Dockyards (1982)
• Chatham Dockyard in Old Photographs (1994)
• Chatham Dockyard, 1815-1865 (Navy Records Society, 2009)
• The Naval Mutinies of 1797 (with A V Coats, 2011)
• Chatham Dockyard: The Rise and Fall of a Military Industrial Complex (2012)
• London and the Georgian Navy (2013)

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