Logs of the Great Sea Fights, 1794-1805, Volume I

This is a collection of excerpts from ships’ logs and signal books, with associated correspondence, allowing detailed study of the course of the most important naval engagements of the period. Vol 1 deals with the battles of the First of June, St Vincent and Camperdown.  

History of the Russian Fleet during the reign of Peter The Great, by a Contemporary Englishman, 1724

1899This is unusual among the Society’s volumes in not dealing with British naval history. It prints a history of the Russian Baltic fleet from its foundation, written in 1724 by an unidentified Englishman, evidently a sea officer in Russian service. The author has recently been identified as Captain John Deane – see Richard H Warner,… Read Abstract »

Dispatches and Letters relating to the Blockade of Brest, 1803-1805, Volume I

Vol 14 (1898), Ed. J. Leyland

The blockade of Brest of 1803-05 is covered in two volumes and concentrates on the achievements of the Hon William Cornwallis and his captains. Leyland was of the opinion that the work of the blockaders was ‘more important and more successful than that of Nelson at the same period’. More succinctly these volumes contain material… Read Abstract »

Index to James’s Naval History

Vol 4 (1895), Hon T A Brassey

This volume provides a comprehensive index to the British and Foreign ships, Naval Officers, Military Officers and Naval Actions listed in William James’ Naval History of Great Britain, 1793-1820. The five volumes of James’ work were first published in London between 1822-24 and there were numerous later editions. It remains by far the most detailed… Read Abstract »