Letters and Papers relating to the First Dutch War, 1652-54 Volume I

Vol 13 (1898), S. R. Gardiner

This remarkable compilation includes both official and private correspondence and papers from a wide variety of sources both English and Dutch (the latter translated), giving an extremely detailed and complete view of all aspects of the war. The first volume extends to August 1652. The translations of many of the Dutch documents are unsatisfactory, and should be corrected from the Corrigenda ed. A.C. Dewar, issued by the Society in 1932.

The first volume extends to August 1652.


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About Samuel Gardiner

Samuel Rawson Gardiner was born on 4 March 1829 at Alresford, Hampshire, educated at Winchester College and Christchurch College, Oxford where he obtained a first in Literae Humaniores. He was then elected to fellowships at All Souls (1884) and Merton (1892). He was professor of history at King’s College, London and in 1896 gave the first series of Ford Lectures at Oxford. He specialised in 17th century English history, and is regarded as one of the foremost historians of the Puritan revolution and the English Civil War.

His main works are three series of volumes
• The History of England from the Accession of James I to the Outbreak of the Civil War, 1603 – 1642 10 volumes, 1883-4.
• The History of the Great Civil War, 1642-1649 5 volumes, 1893.
• The History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate, 1649 – 1660 4 volumes, 1903.

His publications, other than those listed above, include
• Prince Charles and the Spanish Marriage, 1617 – 1623 (1869).
• The Thirty Years War, 1618 – 1648 (1874)
• The Constitutional Documents of the Puritan Revolution, 1628 – 1660 (1889).
• A Student’s History of England from the earliest Times to 1885 2 volumes (1890-1891).
• The Hanoverian Period (1891).
• What the Gunpowder Plot was (1897).
• Oliver Cromwell (1899).
• Letters and Papers relating to the First Dutch War, 1652-54 the first 3 volumes out of 6 (Navy Records Society, 1898, 1899, 1906).
• Prince Rupert at Lisbon (1902).
See also
• Mark Nixon Samuel Rawson Gardiner and the Idea of History (Boydell Press, 2010).