Letters and papers relating to the War with France, 1512-1513

Vol 10 (1897), A Spont

The documents are French as well as English, drawn from a variety of sources, the French papers printed in the original language with English abstracts.



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About Alfred Spont

Alfred Spont is the only non-English speaking editor of an NRS volume. He was born in 1863 and was an Ancien Élève de l’École des Chatres. He died in 1899.

His publications include

• La Marine Français sous la Règne de Charles VIII, 1483-1493 (1894).
• Semblancy: La Bourgeoisie Financier au Debut de XVIe Siècle (1895)
• Letters and Papers relating to the War with France, 1512-1513 (Navy Records Society, 1897).