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A Poem on the Battle of Jutland

Posted by Justin Olmstead, on October 19th, 2017



The poem, found in the back of a book, has been written with considerable accuracy as regards the details of the encounter between the Grand Fleet and the German High Seas Fleet.  The weather was, as the first stanza describes, grey and murky and the German ships were painted a light grey to make them difficult to see in the prevailing conditions. The second stanza records the fact that Beatty’s squadron was on its own until Jellicoe could join in with the bulk of the Royal Navy.   The storm of shot and shell faced by Beatty was deadly and brought about the sinking of Indefatigable and Queen Mary with almost complete loss of life.  Once both fleets were fully engaged the Germans began to suffer heavy casualties, and turned away, leaving Jellicoe in command of the North Sea and the Atlantic.  The poem concludes with an elegy for the thousands of British sailors who lives had been lost.

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