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An Account of the Battle of Jutland from HMS Indomitable, 31 May 1916

Posted by Justin Olmstead, on August 14th, 2018


A sailor on HMS Indomitable wrote this Report of Action during the opening hours of the Battle of Jutland, confirming the difficulty of identifying precisely what was happening and to whom in the mist, low cloud and smoke.  He observed the destruction of HMS Invincible, passing her before the bow and stern disappeared.  The contact with an unidentified underwater object is noted, together with the supposition that it had been a submarine. Other submarines were evaded. This RoA does not mention the fact, not established until later, that  HMS Lion might have been destroyed as Invincible had been, by a shell which exploded and blew the top of Q turret off, allowing the consequent spark to travel unhindered into the magazine causing the ship to break in two.  In Lion the mortally wounded Major Harvey ordered the magazine to be flooded when the cordite charge exploded inside his Q turret, thus saving the ship.

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