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Documents relating to Commander John Wesley Wright (1769-1805) Part I

Posted by Paul Martinovich, on August 22nd, 2017


Documents relating to one of the most controversial episodes in Britain’s relationship with Emperor Napoleon of France form the basis of this intriguing article.  The British Naval officer Commander John Wesley Wright had been captured by the French whilst serving as captain of HMS Vincejo, and was incarcerated in the notorious Temple Prison in Paris.  On 27 October 1805, nearly a week after the British triumph at Trafalgar, Commander Wright was found dead in his cell with his throat cut, with his French gaolers claiming suicide as the cause of death. The circumstances regarding his death were never fully revealed, although it is known that Wright was involved in espionage activity against Napoleon prior to his capture and imprisonment.  The two letters that are in Part 1 of this account include correspondence between an officer acquaintance of Wright and another British officer charged with transporting Napoleon to exile in St.Helena.  This requests a copy of the second letter, which was written by Commander Wright to this acquaintance six weeks before the formers untimely death.

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