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Gallipoli Special Part 2: Letters Home from a Naval Surgeon

Posted by Phil Weir, on April 27th, 2015


The letters written by Leonard Irvine to his parents describing his experiences as an RNVR surgeon at Gallipoli give a graphic account of their arrival at the Dardanelles and the opening salvoes of the operation. After the gale which began on the 19th February moderated, the action began, with the big ships doing their best to minimise the ferocity of the Turkish defence.  Irvine describes being helpless observers of the action on land.  The big ships also became active on the arena, and Irvine describes his part in the action when he volunteered to cross to Amethyst to help the many wounded on board. The damage done to the big ships by the laying of mines was described with restraint.

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