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Journals of David Talbot Part II: Life on board HMS Calliope, 1811

Posted by Chris Davidson, on January 5th, 2024


This is the second extract from the journals of David Talbot. The first covered his experience of being press-ganged to the brig-sloop HMS Calliope in 1810. This extract describes key features of his subsequent life onboard including watch-keeping, daily routine, making sail, working aloft, meals, readying for battle and religion. It is edited by Chris Davidson, David Talbot’s 3 x great grandson.

David Talbot was a seafarer from Arbroath, Scotland. He was born in 1784 and went to sea as an apprentice in 1799. He then became a mate on Arbroath brigs trading in the Baltic where he had various adventures. On returning home he was appointed a captain, but misfortune came on his first voyage to London and he was impressed on board HMS Calliope.

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