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The Godfrey-Faussett Papers Part 1: HMS Dido Ascension Island to Cape Coast Castle, 1880.

Posted by John Johnson-Allen, on February 14th, 2024


This post introduces letters written by Midshipman Bryan Godfrey-Faussett when serving on board HMS Dido in 1880.These extracts from his letters start in the Atlantic at St Helena and Ascension Island before sailing onto the west Coast of Africa

Captain Bryan Godfrey Godfrey-Faussett, known to his family as Godfrey, was born in Waterford Ireland in 1863. His mother was Irish and his father English, and served in the British Army. Godfrey was educated at Stannington School near Portsmouth which specialised in preparing boys to enter the Royal Navy. In 1877 he successfully joined up and entered HMS Britannia, then the training establishment which preceded the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth. Whilst in Britannia, he met Rosslyn Wemyss, later to become Admiral of the Fleet, and also Prince George, the younger son of the Prince of Wales, both of whom became life-long friends. A previous post explores Godfrey’s experiences with both Wemyss and the Prince of Wales on HMS Ophir’s Royal Tour of 1901.

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