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The Naval Battle of Harfleur, 1416.

Posted by Susan Rose, on July 5th, 2016


This article includes an account of the naval battle of Harfleur written by Henry V’s chaplain, describing an encounter between Henry V’s ships and forces in the pay of the French Crown. The purpose of the English fleet was to relieve the siege of Harfleur, which had been besieged by the French after Henry and his army had marched off to Agincourt. The English ships, led by Henry’s Great Ships the Holy Ghost and the Trinity Royal, fought an engagement in the estuary of the Seine which resulted in the capture by the English of three large Genoese carracks.  The extract from a chronicle, the Gesta Henrici Quinti, also includes details of a fight in the Channel between a carrack and six English balingers , small vessels of around 100-tons capacity equipped with both sails and oars.

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