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The Robley Browne Diaries, Part 2: The Royal Yacht, 1901-1904.

Posted by Jack Tannett, on December 20th, 2016


At the time of his appointment to the Royal Yacht in 1901, Robley Browne was thirty-seven years old, and had recently been promoted for his bravery during the Boxer Rebellion in China (see an earlier article).

This is a fascinating insight into the British Royal Family during the first part of the reign of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.  Eldest son of Queen Victoria, Edward had waited a long time to become King, and was 59 years old when he succeeded his mother on her death in January 1901.  The letters and diaries of Robley describe the lifestyle of the Royalty when travelling abroad.  Insight into the intimate side of the Royal Family is provided by Robley’s observant and sometimes humorous comments.  Meetings with many European Royals are described, including a visit from the Czar of Russia.  His notes also show that not much has changed over a hundred years with regard to the relationship between The Royalty and The Press.

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