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The Sinkings of HMS Audacity (1941) and HMS Avenger (1942)

Posted by Phil Weir, on October 6th, 2013


These recordings, made by Bruce Burgess shortly before he died in 2004, are of the sinking of HMS Audacity and HMS Avenger.  Burgess had been trained as an air mechanic, and was therefore of vital importance in the newly expanded Royal Navy, and with 802 Naval Air Squadron was assigned to the ex-German merchantman, re-named HMS Audacity when she was given a flight deck and tasked to protect the convoys to Malta.   After the sinking of Audacity, he was then assigned to HMS Avenger.  Having survived one Arctic convoy, this time with a hanger in which to do the necessary service and repair work.  Burgess was one of twelve survivors when Avenger was torpedoed, and his evidence was vital in confirming that the catastrophic result of the explosion was due to the torpedo striking the ship in the unprotected bomb room.

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