Notice of important changes

Notice of important changes to the NRS membership packages affecting payments made After November 1st 2023


Dear Member, 

Our membership subscription has remained the same since 2009, but, due to the current economic situation, we must now reluctantly implement an increase.  Reflecting members’ changing preferences, we have tried to do this in a way that mitigates the impact as far as possible. 

All organisations are experiencing significant cost increases. The principal impact on NRS expenditure affects publication and distribution of the annual volume. Of course, distribution costs are incurred disproportionately for international (outside UK & Ireland) members, and this is reflected in our new pricing.

All annual volumes are and will continue to be available to qualifying members online, through the NRS website, along with the magazine and the blog. Many members have made extensive use of these. Accordingly, most members are no longer dependent upon provision of a hard copy volume. We know this particularly applies to students, who will no longer receive hard copy. All members wanting hard copy should change to Full Individual Membership. By introducing a choice of individual memberships, we hope to cater for all preferences, as follows:


New Annual Rates 

Full Individual Membership, with archive & a hard copy:
UK & Ireland – £50 (was £40)
International – £55

Full Digital Membership, with archive, without a hard copy:
£40 (no change)

Student Membership, with archive, without a hard copy:
£30 (was £25)

Online Magazine Membership, magazine/blog only:
£20 (no change)



We are pleased to announce your subscription for the 2022/3 book year will be unaffected. Subsequently (i.e. after 31 October 2023), you will need to decide whether or not you wish to continue to receive the annual volume in a hard copy format. 

Should you decide you do not want hard copy with effect from 1st November 2023 your subscription will remain the same and no action is required. Those members wishing to maintain their £40 subscription will retain full access to the PDF volume archive.



Since we cannot use Direct Debit we need you to amend the status of your membership should you wish to retain the benefit of full membership i.e. including a hard copy annual volume. How to do this depends on your payment method:

Standing Order: advise your bank of the revised amount (£50 or £55)

Cheque: send us a cheque for the revised amount

Online Payment (Card/PayPal): change your status to the new Full Individual Membership category as soon as possible after your 2023/24 book year payment. Immediately following your next auto-renewal, you will receive an email reminding you of the new membership levels and instructing you how to make any necessary changes. Note: our membership system will pro-rate the unused portion of the existing membership level and credit that against a full year subscription at the new level, thus changing your renewal date.

NB: You will NOT need to alter your payment for the 2022/23 book year.

Our Membership Secretary, Janet Gould, is available to answer any queries you may have. Once we have initiated our new publishing contract with Boydell & Brewer (effective in 2024), members will be able to purchase a copy of new volumes at reduced rates. However, obviously, the most convenient and cheapest way to obtain the hard copy annual volume is to remain a Full Member.

We thank you for your continuing support.

  • Full Individual Membership
  • From £50 / year
  • Upgrade