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The Milne Papers. Papers of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Alexander Milne 1806-1896, Volume II, 1860-1862

Vol 162 (2015), Professor J. Beeler

Centred upon a man who never participated in combat operations during his sixty-year naval career, this volume depicts the routine peacetime operations of the mid-Victorian Royal Navy, operations that have received short shrift in naval histories, even though they have constituted the bulk of the service’s mission during the past two centuries.  Not surprisingly, the… Read Abstract »

The Naval Route to the Abyss: The Anglo-German Naval Race, 1895-1914

The intense rivalry in battleship building that took place between Britain and Germany in the run up to the First World War is seen by many as the most totemic of all armaments races. Blamed by numerous commentators during the inter-war years as a major cause of the Great War, it has become emblematic of… Read Abstract »

Elizabethan Naval Administration

This is the first general selection from the substantial body of surviving documents about Elizabeth’s navy. It is a companion to The Navy of Edward VI and Mary I (Vol.157 in the NRS Series), where the apparatus serving both volumes was printed, and it complements the other NRS volumes that deal specifically with the Spanish… Read Abstract »

The Fleet Air Arm in the Second World War, Volume I, 1939-1941

Vol 159 (2012), Dr B. Jones

This is the first of three volumes detailing the history of the Fleet Air Arm, the Royal Navy’s aircraft carriers and naval air squadrons, during the Second World War. It deals with the formative period between 1939 and 1941 when the Fleet Air Arm tried to recover from the impact of dual control and economic… Read Abstract »

The Royal Navy and the Mediterranean, 1919-1929

Vol 158 (2011), Professor P. Halpern

Following the end of the First World War the Mediterranean Fleet found itself heavily involved in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Sea of Marmora, the Black Sea and to a lesser extent, the Adriatic. Naval commanders were faced with complex problems in a situation of neither war nor peace. The collapse of the Ottoman, Russian and… Read Abstract »

The Navy of Edward VI and Mary I

The reigns of Edward VI and Mary I remain largely by-passed in naval history, yet it was a vital time for the administration of the navy and it saw the apprenticeship of many who would lead the service in Elizabeth’s later years. This volume helps to fill the gap and includes all the extant Treasurer’s… Read Abstract »

Anglo-American Naval Relations, 1919-1939

Vol 156 (2010), M. Simpson

The second in a projected set of five volumes dealing with Anglo America Naval Relations, this volume brings together documents from the period 1919-1939 which was dominated by a series of naval arms limitation and disarmament conferences. The book also includes a section of documents that deal with encounters of serving officers and men of… Read Abstract »

Naval Courts Martial, 1793-1815

Vol 155 (2009), Dr J. Byrn

This collection of naval court martial transcripts and related documents from the time of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars contributes not only to our understanding of military jurisprudence in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries but also to our knowledge of Georgian and Regency criminal law in general. Each chapter presents transcripts relating… Read Abstract »

Chatham Dockyard, 1815-1865. The Industrial Transformation

Vol 154 (2009), P. MacDougal

By the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the seven home dockyards of the British Royal Navy employed a workforce of nearly 16,000 men and some women. On account of their size, dockyards add much to our understanding of developing social processes as they pioneered systems of recruitment, training and supervision of large-scale workforces. From 1815-1865… Read Abstract »

The Naval Miscellany, Volume VII

This seventh volume of Naval Miscellany contains documents which range in date from the late thirteenth century to the Korean War. They illustrate the many different ways in which the naval forces of the crown have served the realm. Topics covered include the role of ships in campaigns against Scotland under Edward I and Edward… Read Abstract »

Naval Intelligence From Berlin: The Reports of the British Naval Attachés in Berlin, 1906-1914

Vol 152 (2007), Dr. M. S. Seligmann

During the course of the Anglo-German naval race, the British Admiralty found a regular flow of information on Germany’s naval policy, on her warship construction and on the technical progress of her fleet to be absolutely vital. It was only on the basis of accurate calculations of Germany’s maritime development that the framers of British… Read Abstract »

The Rodney Papers, Volume II, 1763-1780

Vol 151 (2007), Professor D. Syrett

George Brydges Rodney is one of the great British admirals of the Age of Sail. A participant, and in many instances a major player, in some of the great naval events of the 18th century, Rodney’s career as a navy officer spans three great naval conflicts of his time – the War of Austrian Succession,… Read Abstract »