This summer the Mary Rose was unveiled in her entirety for the first time, marking the end of the 34-year project to preserve her after she was raised from the seabed in 1982. Viewers can now see the ship clearly, unmasked by glass or conservation jets. Next year the Navy Records Society will publish in the 2017 volume, The Naval Miscellany Volume VIII, details of her last campaign in 1545. It is now, therefore, an excellent time to study the broader context of the Mary Rose, particularly the history of the second Mary Rose, a 29-gun galleon built in 1555 which fought in the Spanish Armada. She features in both volumes of ‘State Papers Relating to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada’, the first two volumes ever published by the Navy Records Society.


State Papers relating to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada, 1588 Volume II

Vol 2 (1894), Professor J K Laughton

These are chiefly ‘State Papers’ in the narrow sense of records of the English Secretary of State, but include other English government documents from the Public Record Office and the British Museum.

Vol II August to December 1588. In appendices Vol.II prints a list of the English fleet; letters of Captain Thomas Cely from a Spanish prison in 1579; a proposal to increase seamen’s wages in 1585; a translation of Medina Sidonia’s narrative as printed in Fernandez Duro’s La Armada Invencible; and a list of the Spanish fleet, chiefly from Fernandez Duro.


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