Views of the Battles of the Third Dutch War

Vol (1908 ), Julian S Corbett

A Note on the Drawings in the Possession of the Earl of Dartmouth Illustrating the Battle of Sole Bay 28 May 1672 and the Battle of the Texel August 11 1673.

‘Of the origin of these drawings which Lord Dartmouth has so generously placed at the disposal of the Society for reproduction, nothing is known definitely. Certain facts, however, have been ascertained which appear to connect them in some way with William Van de Velde the Elder, though all experts are agreed they cannot be actually by his hand. There is, indeed, in Lord Dartmouth’s collection of naval actions a drawing of the same character as those of Sole Bay and the Texel, which puts the matter beyond dispute. It represents the destruction of the Spanish Dutch fleet at Palermo by the French in 1676. It has all the marks are Van de Velde’s  work, and is clearly by a more masterly hand than the present drawings….’


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