The Hawke Papers, A Selection: 1743-1771

Vol 129 (1990), Dr R.F. Mackay

Edward Hawke 1705-1781) had a long and distinguished career in the Royal Navy, serving for over half a century and finally becoming First Lord of the Admiralty.

This volume is a selection of his papers chosen from between 1743 and 1771, providing information on every significant stage in Hawke’s career combined with a connected sequence of documents for the outstanding campaign of 1759-60 during the Seven Years War.

His peacetime command at Portsmouth between 1748 and 1754 is also documented together with his post of First Lord from which he retired in 1771. Hawke has been the greatest naval commander of his generation, of whom Horace Walpole wrote ‘Lord Hawke is dead and does not seem to have bequeathed his mantle to anybody’.

This volume brings together papers to and from Hawke; the sources are the Public Record Office, the National Maritime Museum and the British Library.

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About Ruddock Mackay

Ruddock Mackay was born in 1922. He served as a rating in the Royal New Zealand Navy between 1942 and 1946, during which time he graduated with a degree in History. He obtained Mas at both London and Oxford Universities. He was a schoolmaster in both New Zealand and England. Between 1954 and 1965 he was a lecturer in naval history at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, and later he lectured in Modern History at St. Andrew’s University, Scotland.

His publications include
• Admiral Hawke (Clarendon Press), 1965).
• Fisher of Kilverston (Oxford University Press, 1973).
• The Hawke Papers, a Selection, 1743 – 1771 (Navy Records Society, 1990).
• Hawke, Nelson and British Naval Leadership (Boydell Press, 2009).