The Journals of Sir Thomas Allin, 1660-1678, Volume I, 1660-1666

Vol 79 (1939), R.C. Anderson

Thomas Allin was a Lowestoft ship owner who subsequently spent both Civil Wars and the Commonwealth period as a successful Royalist privateer and commander, leading a charmed life through to the Restoration.

After 1660, he commanded or flew his flag in twelve different ships and was extensively employed in peace and war, although his only participation in major fleet action was on the fourth day of the Four Days’ Battle.

He was an evident hypochondriac, a stickler for protocol and had his fair share of accidents at sea, including a fire and a major grounding, as well as the wreck of two ships of his group on the eastern side of Gibraltar.

Volume I covers Allin’s virtually continuous service in various ships between 1660 and 1666, with interesting evidence about the daily preoccupations and problems of a commander at sea in the Restoration Navy.

There are accounts of an important diplomatic mission to Constantinople, extensive convoy and patrol duties and spells as Commander-in-Chief in the Downs and as Vice Admiral to the Earl of Sandwich during the First Dutch War. Also, there are detailed descriptions of three Mediterranean voyages, including operations against Algiers and Dutch merchant traffic.

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