The Naval Miscellany, Volume VI: The Public Order Book of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson, Commander in Chief of a Squadron of Ships and Vessels Employed on a Particular Service, July-October 1801

Vol 146 (2004), Colin White

Edited documents in this Naval Miscellany include the 14th-century repair of Bayonne Galleys, Armada correspondence, the building of Plymouth dockyard, letters of Admiral Collingwood, Nelson’s Public Order Book during his 1801 blockade of Boulogne, Louis Parsons’ journal 1882-1901, Captain Clayton’s letters from the Australia Station 1885-8, Dudley Pound’s Grand Fleet diary 1914-15, and HMS Aurora’s return of the Saudi royal family in 1945.

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About Colin White

Colin White was director of the Royal Naval Museum and one of Britain’s leading experts on Admiral Horatio Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar.

His published works include:

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