The Royal Navy in the Mediterranean, 1915-1918

This volume needs to be read in conjunction with NRS Volume 115 Policy and Operations in the Mediterranean, 1912-1914. The Mediterranean was a secondary theatre for the Royal Navy and the ships tended to be ageing and retired from fleet duty. France assumed the major responsibility, along with Italy but the Royal Navy retained a strong presence and performed vital functions.

Most operations have attracted less attention than Jutland, the Falklands or the Battle of the Atlantic but Gibraltar and Malta remained important bases, the Suez Canal had to be defended, there was a mine barrage in the Otranto Straits, and the Navy supported the Army at the Dardanelles, Salonika and in the Middle East, while there was latterly much convoy work.

The sources include the main war history collection of Admiralty papers (The National Archive: PRO ADM 137) and the private papers of senior commanders such as Howard Kelly, Limpus and de Robeck.

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