The Tomlinson Papers

Vol 74 (1936), J.G. Bullocke

The first part of the volume contains a selection from the correspondence and papers of Lt Robert Tomlinson between 1768 and 1796, together with his essays on naval manning and timber preservation.

Robert Tomlinson was a protégé and loyal supporter of Sir Edward (later Lord) Hawke. He provided the parliamentary opposition with evidence with which to defend Hawke’s reputation as First Lord after he retired in 1771, and to attack Lord Sandwich.

The second part contains selected papers and correspondence of Nicholas Tomlinson from 1783 to 1836. The third son of Robert Tomlinson, he entered the Navy in 1772, and pursued a colourful career which nearly came to grief after he commissioned his own privateer. He was removed from the list of post captains in 1798, but his knowledge of the Baltic (he had served in the Russian navy) led to his participation in the attack on Copenhagen in 1801, following which his rank was restored.

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